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Meet Bella

Meet Bella

Bella is beautiful Lab mix who came into our program after being born to a feral mom.  She is a four month old, 30 lb bundle of puppy love.

Bella has had all of her parvo/distemper boosters, her rabies vaccine, and worming. She has been spayed.  Adopting families receive complete vetting records.

Bella is getting better and better on a leash and even walks sometimes on a double leash with one of her current pack members.  We are working on potty training and making good progress. 


Dawn…No Human Could Touch Her

Dawn…No Human Could Touch Her

In June 2014, Dawn. was a feral stray living on the streets. No human could touch her.

We were called after she had a litter of eight pups under a pile of brush and trash. Dawn walked with her head hanging low, tail tucked, teats sagging. Her coat was dull and ragged. She was covered in mud. Dawn didn’t trust humans. We learned that authorities shot and killed the entire pack she ran with. She alone survived. What must it have been like for Dawn during that terrible day? She lost what we would have thought of as our family and was witness to it all.


Our rescue tracked Dawn – mostly by foot –during a soupy hot Tennessee summer. We tried sedatives, tranquilizers, catchpoles, and nets but we failed each time. Dawn’s a supremely intuitive creature. She outfoxed all of us. During the course of the next six months, Dawn had 10 more puppies, making a total of 18.

I Could Have Been Adopted rehomed them all but we were never able to get our hands on Dawn…. until 4 a.m. Christmas Eve morning 2014. We trapped her in a crumbling shack where she had birthed her last litter of puppies. It was like winning the Super Bowl! Even now, we consider catching Dawn our greatest achievement yet.

Our plan was to get her fixed, then release her back to her neighborhood because we never thought she would trust us; we could never socialize her.. At least she would be spayed and have a rabies vaccine. But we just couldn’t give up on a dog that had already suffered so much. Instead, everybody pitched in, especially Dawn’s foster family’s pack, and taught Dawn that being touched by humans isn’t so bad.

ICHBA_Dawn_with Adriana

Dawn is like a different dog. Her coat is sleek, black, and shiny. Her eyes are happy and thoughtful. She wags her tail, suns on the deck, and walks on a leash just like any other dog. She’s still shy, timid even, but she will come around once she trusts you. We’re not worried about Dawn being the perfect family dog but we will be looking for the perfect home for her….Dawn deserves it!

Visit The Farnival for Dawn’s complete story and more pictures of her journey with us.

   photos by The Farnival