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A Letter from Home…..Chance

A Letter from Home…..Chance

Remember our Carr’s Creek Critter who took over 6 weeks to rescue and who found a wonderful home with a college freshman

Taylor sent us a picture of their first day of classes. He is doing great and Taylor patiently worked with Chance and he is no longer hesitant to cross the street with her.   A treat for our rescue and especially Chance’s foster family…he is coming for a few days visit it March!!!

Letters From Home….Rosie

Letters From Home….Rosie

Ran into Rosie’s dad the other day and he sent me these pictures of our Izzy Rose.  She weighs 125 lbs now and it seems that she can’t  recline without Chris or sleep without her feline friend close by!

Letters from Home….Colt

Letters from Home….Colt

We met Colt’s adopter at a park in Antioch on the same day we met another family who was interested in re homing Colt.  Keller was there to meet Colt’s litter mate, Jazz, but it was obvious from the beginning that Colt had other plans since he paid little attention to the other family and made it clear that he chose Keller!

Latest from Keller, Colt is “amazing!  He’s my best bud.  I’m on spring break right now and he’s staying with my parents this week.  My mom absolutely adores him.”

Keller sent this picture as soon as he got back from the beach

Colt with Keller

         Colt and Keller


Remi …..A Letter From Home

Remi …..A Letter From Home
ICHBA Letter from Home Mosher 3

Home at last, June 2013

The family who adopted our little Diva in July, 2013 sent us an email and pictures recently . Remi, as she was renamed, was one of a litter of 6 from a golden retriever and a “who knows” male. We love hearing about the animals who found a forever home thru our fostering rescue….they stay in our hearts and minds forever…..

ICHBA Remi Mosher family

 Most of the gang, Oct. 2015

“I was thinking about you guys and thought you’d like an update.   Remi is doing great!. Just turned 2. I’ve had another child and she absolutely loves her. She’s always with my daughter!  Hope all is well.”    Kristy

ICHBA letter from home Mosher

                         Remi and the latest Babe


A Letter from Home….Lola

A Letter from Home….Lola
Dear Donna,
I am so glad you are now on Facebook and your web site is wonderful. I have always wanted to tell you Lola’s story, but hesitated because not everyone believes in reincarnation!  This is just so amazing that I wanted you to know…
I lost Dana, my heart and soul dog to kidney disease in 2011.ICHBA Lola Dana pup  At that point, I went into a deep depression as the spark in my life was gone.  I was so depressed that I lost my life long love of horses which totally amazed me.  When Dana died and before Lola came in to my life, I used several animal communicators  in hopes of finding out if and when Dana would reincarnate and come back to me.  I would pray every night that she would come back.


Fast forward to Lola. When I saw her ad on Craig’s list, I told John “Let’s see what Lola looks like”, then I contacted you.  I told John that I didn’t necessarily think she was Dana…..but as soon as I said that to myself, I also thought……what if she is??  When you brought her to me for the meet and greet, I honestly heard the words in my head….”Momma, can’t you tell it’s me”?  If you remember, when she saw John, she ran to him like he was a long lost love.  Her meeting with Ethan was the same way…..major tail wagging and kissing and it was like Ethan recognized her as Dana, his old partner!
ICHBA Lola pet finder


There are many odd nuances to Lola that just confirm what I know in my heart.  I have had several mediums and friends who are “sensitive” tell me that they believe as I do….Lola has Dana’s soul.  She is the most loving little soul!  I must also mention, that when I first got Dana I made a list of possible names for her…..the name Lola was on that list!  When I first took her to my vet, he said what he thought her age to be.  I did the math and it seems she was born around the same month and day that Dana was!

Coco and Lola

Lola has brought such joy into our hearts and lives that I cannot begin to tell you.  This is her story in a condensed form, but I wanted to share it with you.  I am eternally grateful to you for bringing her into our lives.
Luanne and Lola

A Letter From Home…Josie

A Letter From Home…Josie

I adopted Josie from you all almost two years ago. She immediately fit into my family and has become the best fur baby I could ever ask for. So thankful you brought this girl into my life….Shelby Nickens



Josie and Shelby…2015



Josie in 2013

A Letter From Home….Rosie

A Letter From Home….Rosie

Rosie’s two legged BFF, Chris, says she is doing great with her training. Evidently Rosie loves being with the exotic birds, chickens, cats, other dogs, and horses at this Dr. Doolittle of a home.

The family who fostered Rosie for many months received this picture of a baby chicken and Rosie with a very appropriate caption from Chris:rosie-and-chick-576x1024

Do I love it or eat it…I am so confused



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featured image from The Farnival

A Letter From Home….Retta

A Letter From Home….Retta

Donna and Danita (B’s foster),

How could I possibly thank you both.  Retta is everything I wanted and more!!  I should probably change her name to Shadow, because she is indeed my shadow, I can’t move without her.  She seems to have settled in nicely, marked her territory soon after we got home and has been house trained since then.  even as I type she is right here at my feet.

ICHBA Baretta SponsoredI can’t thank both of you enough for making this wonderful wonderful dog available to me.  I will put up pictures later this week.  again, I can’t thank you enough.  God Bless you both.



From ICHBA:  Baretta is one of our sponsored animals whose vetting ICHBA paid for to get her ready for adoption.  She was rescued by Danita and taken into her home while waiting for Jackie to come along.

A Letter From Home…Tony

A Letter From Home…Tony

Tammy and her two sons Brad and Jake met ICHBA half way between Sprngfield, TN and their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana on a wet Saturday afternoon the last week of April to pick up their new family member, Tony.  On July 2 Tammy writes:

ICHBA_Tony_family 17

Brad, Tammy, Jake and Tony



Tony Berry

Tony Berry










Tony is getting bigger and is my shadow. He loves tug of war, walks and going for car rides. So thankful we found I could have been adopted!!

A Letter From Home….Rosie

A Letter From Home….Rosie

Chris emails:

Things are going good, Rosie is settling in nice.  She gets a little aggressive with Angus at times when they play but nothing too bad.  We have been working on proper behavior for being on the leash.  Tonight when we were walking we had 2 firetrucks go by with lights and sirens and Rosie was not phased by them at all. 0615151802b_resized

She still reacts to other dogs but that will come in time.  She is not aggressive but does want to go “play” with them.  To be a service dog this can not happen, again time and training will fix this.

She sleeps in or next to the bed every night all night long.