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A Letter from Home….Percy

A Letter from Home….Percy

Percy was adopted around the middle of June, 2015 and lives in Louisville, KY.  percy-and-shane
How great it was to get 2016 Christmas pictures of Percy and Shane and Percy and Shane’s mom!  A blessed 2017 to the Wood family and Percy.percy_shanemom

Trap . Neuter . Release – A National Program

Trap . Neuter . Release – A National Program

As part of the national Trap Neuter Release program , ICHBA has a cat colony on a farm that is home to stray cats we have rescued. All have been fixed and completely vetted and are very healthy. The cats for whom we hope to find forever homes are the ones who are socialized and can be become family pets. Of course they would all make good barn cats …. they are quite the mousers. The adoption fee of $25.00 for these cats is used to purchase food for the colony.

The cats have access to a barn full of hay for shelter,daily food, and enough love to give them the chance to become socialized. Having a colony of cats in this type of program prevents further unwanted litters, saves the lives of cats who would have died, and often finds loving homes for them.

I Could Have Been Adopted lists those cats who have been socialized through the TNR program as MEOWSTERS on the adoption sites we use and will gladly help individuals or neighborhoods create a colony of their own by providing traps,financial aid for vetting, and transport to and from low cost spay/neuter facilities in Middle Tennessee.  

Beasley Celebrates a Negative Heart Worm Test

Beasley Celebrates a Negative Heart Worm Test


A reminder to all of you with 4 legged canine members of your family: Heart worms are prevalent in the south and are caused by mosquitoes. If not treated it is a deadly disease and if treated is costly. If you are not using a product such as Tri-Heart please have your dogs tested for heart worms and if negative begin them on a regime of monthly preventative.IMG_1585

Our rescue uses Trifexis or Sentinel monthly all year long which prevents fleas, heart worms, and balances intestinal parasites.

Probably the very best would be a combo of Nexgard which does all of the above but also controls ticks and keeps the critters that cause mange at bay. Add Tri-Heart to that and you are really protecting your pet. Both are tablets and must be purchased from a vet.

Puppy Day At The Library

Puppy Day At The Library

Four pups and twenty eight puppy lovers….what a great morning at the Stokes Brown Library! Thank you, Rose for giving ICHBA the opportunity to give our animals a new experience…being able to tell a family who is interested in adoption that an animal gets along well with children helps us find loving homes.   Thanks, Danita for bringing Cash, Margaret, Hawkeye, Radar, and Charles

ICHBA Stokes Brown Library

Rose, Cash, and Mickey’s Fan





Socialization and exposure to new experiences are important parts of getting a rescued animal ready for a new home; but it is especially important to establish a socializing routine for a pup as young as Shady.

When Melissa and Mason, Shady’s foster family, went out of town for a much deserved vacation, they asked that I make sure that Shady continued her socialization training so that she would not regress while they were gone.


Chris, Shady, and Max

I decided to take Shady with us when Max and Judy, his foster mom, had a meet and greet scheduled with whom we all hoped would be Max’s new family.  Shady and Max were meeting for the first time and she would also meet a couple of two legged strangers in a different environment. Shady ignored the Guitars, drum sets, and twinkling lights and concentrated on vying for the attention of Max’s new toy and new master.  Shady passed with flying colors!


Shady and Judy

On the way back from finding a home for Max, Judy decided to get a little lap loving with Shady. Judy was plumb pitiful when she turned to me and asked, “When am I going to get a puppy to foster?”  After that, I was not a bit surprised when Judy decided to keep Shady until Melissa and Mason got home.  Another chance for Shady to  experience new dogs, horses, houses, and people. And a puppy for Judy and Larry for a few days…perfect!

Later in the week, Judy dropped Shady off at my home so Heather and I could take her to the library for another outing.  Shady fetched her ball and ran in between and around 3 to 5 year old story time participants without one bark or nip…but lots of “eewww” wet kisses!

ICHBA _Shea _library

Shady at story time

I noticed on our walk home that cars were no problem; however, encountering another dog would bring on a bout of barking from which I could not redirect Shady’s attention.  A few more weeks of loving training at the Farnival will take care of that.

All in all a win/win situation: We learned a great deal more about our Shady and she learned a great deal more about the world.



Featured image by The Farnival

EVENT: Dog Day Afternoon…..July 18, 2015

EVENT:  Dog Day Afternoon…..July 18, 2015

Camp TAG is a specifically-designed 4-day, 3-night grief camp that gives children ages 7-16 a chance to meet other young people who, like themselves, have lost a loved one. During their time at camp, professionally-trained grief counselors teach campers, in age-appropriate classes, how to deal with their feelings during the grieving process.

     What a special afternoon it  was in 2014….a blessing for campers and dog


      ICHBA camp tag boy and pup

Camp Tag/2014

We are looking forward to Saturday July 18 when I Could Have Been Adotped gets to have our second Dog Day Afternoon in partnership with the Hospice Program from Northcrest Hospital in Springfield, TN.

Recently adopted lovely Lucy will be going along with wild and crazy B. Lou Lou, lap-loving Sonny, Shae Daisy, Miss Meadow, and an arm load of puppies from our puppy lady, Danita

Thanks to Northcrest Hospice and Judy Suter for letting I Could Have Been Adopted be part of this wonderful program.


Images from The Farnival


Taste of Country…..Rainy, Hot, and Happy

Taste of Country…..Rainy, Hot, and Happy

Sweltering in the heat and drenched but happy is how I Could Have Been Adopted (volunteers and dogs) felt after spending Saturday at the Taste of Country event in downtown Springfield, TN.

I may be prejudice, but our PET STOP was one of the most popular booths. From the beginning there was a constant stream of festival goers stopping to admire and meet our available dogs…Percy, Dawn, Brendy , Lucy, Beretta and, of course, Meadow, our pinup mutt who is the 4 legged trainer at The Farnival.

Our dogs were stolling the event with several youngsters who repeatedly stopped  by to ask if they could take a dog for a walk.  Two event photographers snapped pictures of Percy, Lucy, and Dawn. We made sure he jotted down the name of each dog and ICHBA; lets hope the pictures are published…rescues need that kind of exposure!!

In the middle of a downpour, a man who had seen our adoptable animals on Petfinder arrived at our booth .   Shane had driven from Louisville, KY to meet Percy…seriously!   It was evident that he had found the dog he wanted after he broke into a laugh when Percy, who was soaked, decided to shake it all off..everywhere!




On June 19th we will have a meet and greet at Shane’s home in Louisville. If its not right,Percy will come back to his foster home with Judy and Larry but, after meeting Shane, we feel positive that this adoption will be a successful one.





Meet Lucy


About two hours into the event, a call came in from a family interested in adopting Lucy. They didn’t even know about Taste of Country but were told  that Lucy would be there until 2 pm. Later in the day a dad and a stay at home mom with 2 young girls who live on a farm with a big fenced in yard and no other dogs stopped at the booth, said they had called earlier, and wanted to meet Lucy.  After talking with them and watching how Lucy responded when the girls took turns walking her, we are scheduling a meet and greet sometime this week. This sounds like the perfect match for both our lovely Lucy and the family.

Can it get much better?  Yep…while all this petting was going on, ICHBA, made appointments for six animals belonging to responsible pet owners to be spayed or neutered at Sumner Spay and Neuter Alliance   !


 Featured image by The Farnival



A Long Day at Tractor Supply Company

A Long Day at Tractor Supply Company


I Could Have Been Adopted has been to TSC with our dogs and cats many times since 2012 hoping to find them homes.  But if you think about it most of the customers at TSC already have 4 legged family members and, although our animals get plenty of oohs, ahhs, pats, and kisses, it is seldom we are asked for an adoption application.

Today we did something different by taking only one dog, Rosie, as a representative of our rescue and concentrated  on implementing the spay/neuter goals ICHBA has as a priority by promoting a deal  for the month of June from Sumner Spay and Neuter Alliance in Gallatin :  All puppies and kittens between 8 weeks and 6 months old can be “fixed” for 20.00 and that includes a rabies vaccine.  While their prices are always beyond reasonable,  this is one heck of a deal!!!!  

The 3 hours with Rosie at TSC were GREAAAT! .  ICHBA has a cat or a dog from 8 families to schedule appointments for and transport to Sumner during June and I can’t wait to tell Sara and her team  when I make the trip to Gallatin Wednesday.

What pleases me so much is that now I Could Have Been Adopted knows how to best use the generosity offered to us by TSC….we will use our stops there as an opportunity to educate the public about low cost spay and neuter clinics in our area, make appointments for and offer transport for their animals to those clinics …..helping to keep their pets “precious but not pregnant”

If you are interested in the deal for June at Sumner, call me at 615 390 9622 – Donna Wilkins


 Features image by The Farnival