To facilitate the rescue, vetting, altering, and re-homing of dogs and cats in Robertson County, Tennessee which would otherwise be placed in a government run animal control facility.

To fulfill our mission, we form a fostering collaboration with those citizens who are trying to find a home for strays or an animal they can no longer keep. I Could Have Been Adopted also has a group of volunteer fostering families.


WE NEED YOU….CALL 615 390 9622

fostering is fun



501C3 thru the Robertson County Community Foundation

Veterinary consults and guidance by Greenbrier/Springfield Animal Hospital

Member of the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce

ICHBA is part of the Pet Finder community which promotes rescued animals all over the world

Working relationships with vets, low cost spay/neuter clinics, and other rescues

Promotes adoptable pets on Craig’s List, Rescue Me, and Face Book


Promotes low cost spay and neutering services during rabies clinics at TSC.

Regularly contributes informational articles to a local weekly paper, The Robertson County Connection.

Holds a “Dog Day Afternoon” at the Northcrest Hospice program’s Camp TAG… an annual 4 day outing for children 7-17 who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Collaborates with the Stokes Brown Library to provide a hands on furry experience for 3 to 5 year old story time visitors while at the same time socializing our sponsored animals…a win/win situation.

Participates with other individuals or rescues to facilitate the transport of animals from a rescue or shelter to their new homes.  This can be a distance of a few miles or from coast to coast.

A partner with PetSmart Charities


Since ICHBA’s mission is accomplished through a sound fostering program made up of volunteer families,who donate food, shelter, and most importantly their time and love, I Could Have Been Adopted has no expenses for a physical plant or a paid staff.

I Could Have Been Adopted depends on donations,grants, and occasional fund raisers. However, after several years of producing a 5K event, It became clear that being in a rural county comprised of small towns, the cost to present a fund raiser which advocates for animals comes very close to negating donations. The individuals or business acknowledged in the slides on this site’s home page and on our Face Book page where explained the situation and generously gave at the TOP DOG level.  Our BIG DOG and FRIEND donors are recognized on this website .   

Words cannot express my gratitude for their generosity and their belief in our mission.



Vetting Services and medication ~ Services at Spay and Neuter Clinics Fuel ~ IT services ~ Crates, Leashes, Collars ~ Food when needed.

What we provide for our sponsored animals:

Age appropriate vetting before re – homing.

No animal is re–homed until it has been spayed or neutered.

Socialization, leash training, crate training, and housebreaking are an integral part of our protocol.  Special needs are addressed and full disclosure is given to potential adopters.

Potential adopters’ references are checked and “meet and greets” are held in their homes. ICHBA does not hesitate to say “No” if it decides an adoption will most likely not be a successful one.  The foster family actively participates in this process and has the final say as to the re -homing of an animal they have fostered.

Vetting history, suggestions for future vetting, a letter from the vet we use, proof of our non profit status, and a training DVD are given to each adopting family.

Contact with adopting families is encouraged and asked for after re-homing

We also sponsor animals belonging to responsible pet owners by offering financial help with unforeseen vetting needs, transportation to and from low cost spay/neuter facilities, and/or financial help for services at those facilities.


“Lola is so sweet and loving and is just what I wanted…Thanks so much!…….Luanne”
“Cannot say how much it has meant to have Dyson brought into our lives. …….Bridgett”
“We both love Ulla soooooo much and feel like she has been a part of our family               forever! Thank you for what you do ……. Sabrina & Anthony, Josie & Ulla”
 Slide images on home page are of ICHBA rescues, animals belonging to
 fostering families, or are photos taken by Mason Armstrong.