Adult - Female
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Sophie is a sweet dog with the most beautiful blue eyes. IMG_1861She is a husky mix around 4 years old who never saw the inside of a house until she came to our rescue so she loves to be outside more than inside even though she is an inside/outside dog at her current foster home..

Sophie is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, house broken, and doesn’t chew on things she should not.. She did test positive for heart worm which we began treating immediatel. Sophie will continue to need to take a monthly tablet to prevent further infestation while killing those worms that were present before she began her treatment . The tablet we use is also a flea preventative. With continued use of this product, Sophie will lead a healthy, normal life

She’ll need someone who understands timid dogs, is patient, and yet can be consistent in letting Sophie know that they lead the pack. . I would guess that her human interaction in her formative first months was very limited and no bond was made between her and the humans she lived with. She has come a long way in trusting her foster family and while she can be spunky and jumpy, she can just sit by your side while you enjoy the weather outside or read a book in the house.

Her ideal home would be one with a doggy friend.  Her best friends at her foster home are more chill than crazy, but they do like to run and play together. Sophie has accepted the dogs at her foster home without issue but she plays mostly with other female dogs in her age range

During her formative years, Sophie was traumatized in some way by children. Although she is curious, she is not comfortable around them, even older children. She will not lunge or try to bite them but she does give them back off growl so an adult only household would be ideal .

Sophie will return the loyalty and love given to her many times over once she becomes comfortable and trusts that she is indeed a welcomed member of the family.