Adopted Has ShotsNeutered

Our rescue has a cat colony on a farm that is home to stray cats we have rescued. All have been fixed and completely vetted and are very healthy. The cats for whom we hope to find forever homes are the ones who are socialized and can be become family pets. Of course they would all make good barn cats …. they are quite the mousers. All we ask is a donation of $25.00 with which we will purchase food for our feline community.

Currently there are around 30 cats in our Trap Neuter Release program who live at Lori’s farm and have access to a barn full of hay for shelter,daily food, and enough love to give them the chance to become socialized. The cats who will accept that love often find homes.  The TNR program creates a colony of cats who have been completely vetted and fixed before being released into the environment at the colony. Having a colony of cats in this type of program prevents further unwanted litters, saves the lives of cats who would have died, and often finds loving homes for them..