Meet Brendy (Bee Lou Lou)

Young - Female
Adopted Medium Crate TrainedHas ShotsHouse BrokenSpayed




Brendy was abandoned on one of the coldest days Tennesses had in the winter of 2015.  She made her way to the front door of a local  drugstore…  crying to get in. One of the staff took her in for the night and called our rescue.

Brendy is around 16 months old and we believe a Catahoula mix. ICHBA_Brendy_latest_crateShe loves to rough house with other dogs and even though she does not try to hurt any of the large, medium, or small dogs at her foster’s home , we would suggest if she goes to a home with other dogs that it be a high energy medium to large dog and children 10 and older.


B Lou swimming

Brendy is up to date on her vaccines, is housebroken, crate trained, and spayed.  She is also heart worm negative.  She does well on a leash if you give her a few minutes to get over her excitement of going for a walk.   Tossed out into the cold to fend for herself… Brendy deserves better.

B Lou swimming 2

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 The Farnival