Jazz is a pretty girl. Her coat is soft, black with red tones and a white chest patch. She wiggles when she’s excited. She is relatively quiet, however, she does have a big bark. It’s a funny bark, but a big bark. She likes to play and visit with people and other dogs. She is a people puppy with a little bit of Miss Independent thrown in. With other dogs she can be a little bit submissive, and hasn’t yet met a dog she doesn’t get along with.







Jazz weighs 46 lbs, has been spayed, is heart worm negative, and up to date on vaccines. She is crate trained and usually just eats and sleeps in her crate. She will occasionally bury her food under a blanket if she’s not interested in eating. She likes to be outside and play as much as she does being inside. Jazz is housebroken. She does well on a leash, unless she is frightened by something. She may try to pull away.

She can be jumpy and excitable, but is being taught not to jump. She’s a happy girl and sometimes doesn’t realize that her jumping is a bad thing. She may be a little much with young kids, but should be okay with older children.jazz01