Pit Bull Terrier - Young - Male
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See the video below of Hobo who wandered the streets of downtown Springfield for weeks until he found just the right person to follow home.

He must have been abandoned by someone because his nails were clipped and after he gets out his early morning energy he walks well on a leash and will sit and stay.


Did someone say food?

Hobo is around 3 years old and a American Shaffordshire Terrier mix, commonly known as a Pit Bull.  He is the most loving dog and did fine around the other dogs in the family who took him in. Even though the little yippy ones drove him crazy, he did not show any aggression.  He will be great around children just like his ancestors who were known in the Victorian Era as “nanny dogs” but because of his habit at this time of jumping up on people to get their attention, he should go to a family with children 10 and over.

Hobo has been neutered, is up to date on his vaccines, and is heart worm negative. We are working on house breaking.


A note from our rescue: Hobo is wearing a pronged collar in some of these photos.  ICHBA uses these for leash training only.  The prongs on it are rounded off, it is worn like a necklace, and with a gentle flick of the wrist mimics the mother dog nipping at her pups to correct them. It is only used when a dog is put on a leash by his owner and should not be used without instructions.

Here’s a video of Hobo having some fun in the yard with his toys!