Meet Dawn

Adult - Female
Adopted Large Crate TrainedHas ShotsHouse BrokenLoves CatsLoves DogsSpayed

Dawn and TonyDawn is a three-year-old, forty-pound lab mix that is as close to perfect as a dog can be. She’s loyal, docile, gentle, and grateful for everything from a treat to a bowl of water. She’s house-trained, leash-trained, and crate-trained. ICHBA Dawn sitting Her only downfall is that it takes her half a day to warm up to people. She acts shy at first. Her absolute favorite activity is a daily walk! The moment her foster family takes her leash out of the closet, Dawn comes running with a tail wagging so hard  her butt might fall off. After long walks, she seems perfectly content perching in front of a window or sunning on the deck and watching the world go by. Plus, she’s great with other animals, both dogs and cats.


ICHBA_Dawn_with Adriana

 all photos by The Farnival