Charlee & Fluffy

Young - Female
Adopted Small Has ShotsHouse BrokenLoves DogsSpayed




Fluffy and Charlee

   She ain’t heavy..she’s my sis.

Two precious litter mates, Charlee and Fluffy are females who couldn’t possibly be any more different. Charlee is a tomboy….she is very adventurous, loves playing and is always busy.  Fluffy on the other hand is a princess…she is shy, cautious and you can usually find her “brushing” her long  hair or getting some beauty sleep. Both of the kittens currently live with 3 children, 2 medium/large dogs and other cats. The family also has a bunny, which Charlee tries to drag off by the back of the neck (even though they are the same size).  Fluffy on the other hand will eat the bunny’s grass pellets, drink its water and then lay down so bunny can find her.

Charlee and Fluffy have been spayed, wormed, and are up to date on vaccines. They are litter boxed trained and socialized. They are inside cats and hopefully Charlee and Fluffy can go to the same home although that is not written in stone.