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A Letter From Home….Tony

A Letter From Home….Tony

Tony was from Dawn’s second litter and was taken into our program in June 2014.  Fostered, loved, and trained by Melissa, Mason, and their pack at The Farnival .  Check out Tony at his forever home with the Berry family


Featured image by The Farnival


A Letter from Home….Bennie

A Letter from Home….Bennie

We kept his name, even though Bennie doesn’t always respond to it. He’s a bit stubborn and a bit mischievous and sometimes when we call him he will pretend he didn’t hear us. His tail wagging gives him away though and suddenly he’ll bound over like a small horse and I swear he is smiling. He sleeps in our bed and has his very own pillow and his favorite treat is freeze dried chicken livers. I have no idea why people call him spoiled!


We attended a 6 week behavior training course at PetSmart (we needed it more than Benny) and it really let us see how incredibly brilliant he is. He learned every trick and command faster than I could teach it to him and we learned the best way to interact with him to get the results we want.

He loves his BoBo and his rabbit the best of all the toys. We’ve been through several of these over the past few months. He basically tears them to pieces till he finds the squeakers then presents the squeakers to us as if it’s the best gift he’s ever presented to anyone.

Benny has a fan club. Both our boys are in baseball and we take him to every game. He has become the team mascot and always has a small group of children trailing behind him. He is so wonderful with our kids and other children. When playing with us adults, he will mouth us and jump up and wrestle but with smaller children it is almost like he senses to be gentle and just sits there when they pet him.

We have discovered that he has allergies and his poor belly gets red and itchy. We got some medicine from the vet though and that has been taken care of. He LOVES peanut butter and that’s what we hide his medicine in every morning.

My sister and I take Benny and his doggy cousins on trips to the dog park and Benny just comes alive there. He really enjoys social interaction with other dogs.  He plays and runs REALLY fast. My husband wants to put him in a race and bet on him. I explained that as fast as he is he would take off in the opposite direction because he marches to the beat of his own drummer! That’s just who he is, my little independent boy.

He’s the love of all our lives and we just can’t imagine life without him. Thank you for everything your organization does to bring dogs like Benny to their forever families.


Note from ICHBA: Socialization and Integration into the Family = A Successful Adoption