Eddie and Me… In Case I Die

Eddie and Me… In Case I Die

Not One Family Member Stepped Forward for Willy

After the police found 10 year old Willy’s owner deceased in his home with Willy waiting beside him hoping he would wake up, Willy was put in a shelter.  The shelter staff spent hours calling family members related to Willy’s owner.  All have rejected him, shooting down plea’s made on Willy’s behalf to adopt him.

Fortunately, thanks to social media, some animal loving stranger has given Willy a home but those of us who advocate for animals know that the abandonment of grieving pets by surviving family members happens more than frequently.  Personally it is the situation that frustrates me more than any other I Could Have Been Adopted encounters because most likely these pets are seniors and  less likely to be re homed and, more importantly, no matter their age they are grieving too and no words can explain it to them.


ICHBA received a call from a pet owner asking us to find a home for Eddie.

“I am undergoing treatment for my second battle with cancer and am sick for so many days that I can’t give Eddie the care he needs.  While there is hope, the prognosis is not good and I want the peace of mind that knowing he is in a loving home will give me.”

The next morning I called Eddie’s owner and asked if she would like for us to foster Eddie during her bad periods and then bring him to her for a visit when she was feeling well whether it be for 15 minutes or for a week?  There are no words to describe her reaction to this plan…I can only tell you that her reaction filled my heart and made me giggle.

During the year Eddie has been with one of our loving fostering families, ICHBA has taken care of all of his vetting needs and consulted with his owner every step of the way.  She felt comfortable to call and ask about Eddie at any time and regularly received pictures and phone calls from ICHBA and his foster family.  She knew Eddie was loved, that she could see him any time she was physically able, and that hopefully he could one day return to her home.   If not, she trusted that I Could Have Been Adopted would  find him another loving home.

On Wednesday morning April 5th, 2017 Winfield and I carried Eddie to Gallatin, TN to visit his owner for a few minutes.  That afternoon, Eddie and his foster mom,17 year old Chelsea, visited and gave his owner one last hug and assured her that Eddie has already found a new home……with Chelsea and her family.

Eddie’s loving owner passed away on Tuesday April 11th.  Rest in Peace dear lady….your unselfish concern and prior planning for one of God’s four legged creatures is the way it should be done.

BEFORE YOU DIE…Just as we consider what would happen to our children if we should die suddenly, give your pets the same consideration.  Hopefully, you will have family members who, unlike Willy’s owner’s family, will step forward.  If not call a rescue for advice.

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