Happy Tail…Beauregard

Happy Tail…Beauregard

Beauregard, now Marshall, found a wonderful family in Clarksville and made himself right at home from the moment he walked through the door.

From his family:

Beau (we call him Marshall now) has been doing so well! He recognizes and answers to his new name and has been quite a cuddle bug since we got him. He and Lily have been wrestling and running and chewing together a lot. They’ve been doing A LOT better together since you last saw them together. Lily even allows Marshall to sleep on her from time to time. Marshall has been working a lot on some new commands (lay down, sit, go to bed) and has been doing pretty well. We’ve also been able to work him down to bringing us only one shoe every once in awhile instead of always having our shoes in his mouth! He loves running with Lily in the yard and we hope that once it warms up and dries out, we can take the two out for walks on the Greenway and around our neighborhood 🙂 We’re so happy that we took Marshall into our home 🙂 he’s been a great friend for Lily to have and a great companion for us as well.

The first picture is from take your dog to work day.

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