Pumpkin….A Happy Tail

Pumpkin….A Happy Tail

If you will remember, Pumpkin along with his litter mate Sunny were adopted by a family around the first of April and abandoned about 30 miles from their new home 6 weeks later. Thanks to the kindness of strangers and a rabies tag, our rescue was contacted and we were able to get them back into our program. Check out our blog, Our Vet Suggests…Are You An Idiot?  We are thrilled to say that Pumpkin has found a truly forever home with a family in the Clarksville, TN area.

Pumpkin Spanky & Helen

Canine friend named Spanky, a feline acquaintance, Cutie, and a two legged spunky Helen to love on….he is one happy boy!  Melissa has promised to keep us updated on our FB page. Pumpkin is now named Petey and from what I understand he is fitting in very well with his new family.  Melissa says she expects she will be sleeping in the crate from now on since Petey is snoozing with Mike!    Bless you Mike, Melissa, and Helen for giving our precious Pumpkin a loving home.


He deserves it.  Love you Pumpkin!!!Pumpkin and Family 2


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