Baby and the Smelly Socks

Baby and the Smelly Socks

Our rescue received a call from a lady who had a stray dog pick her family as a safe place to call home. It had been several weeks since “Baby” arrived and L had become quite attached to her. Unfortunately, Baby did not want anything to do with L’s husband and she asked if we could help find a good family to take Baby.

It was obvious that L and Baby were tight and her husband wanted just a little of that love. With further questions, it became clear that Baby was only baring her teeth at the man when L was in the room.  In fact, L said that the mornings her husband was up before her she would walk into the living room and find Baby sitting on the couch beside him.

No way was ICHBA going to take Baby without trying to help L get her to lovingly accept her husband. I mentioned the smelly sock method and told her to put a pair of her husbands dirty socks in her lap every time Baby decides to settle there and give it about a week. I checked in a few days later and it was going great and a few days ago L called to tell me they were keeping Baby!!!!   A really happy tail!!!IMG_2109

ICHBA does this on a regular basis by asking potential adopters to either bring tees or socks that have not been washed to the first meet and greet or to mail them to us so that we can put them in the crate with the dog for about a week before we take the dog to his new home.


This can be used in various ways:  

guests coming 

taking your dog into an environment with new people

new baby

bringing a new pet into the family (don’t try this method with cats)



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