Sunny & Pumpkin…Happy Tails

Sunny & Pumpkin…Happy Tails

      Sunny & Pumpkin

Our fosters had so hoped that we would be able to find a family that would take both Sunny & Pumpkin into their home.  They were litter mates born to a female who had lived all of her life in the wild.  Every pup in the litter was skittish and afraid of people but Sunny & Pumpkin were much calmer when they could confront new people and situations together.

When Chelsea called about meeting Sunny, I Could Have Been Adopted decided Pumpkin needed a little outing that   just happened to end up at Sunny’s foster home….well, hello!.


          With their new BFFs

From the beginning It was obvious to Chelsea and Peyton that this brother and sister were meant to be together and with the two of them because, even though they were quite shy, Sunny gravitated to Peyton and Pumpkin chose Chelsea to snuggle up to.


Pumpkin has a soft place to sit!

These two precious pups now have a wonderful home in KY about 15 miles west of Franklin with a cat buddy, fenced in yard, and a family who loves to go canoeing and hiking. Last I heard Oscar the cat and Pumpkin were sharing Chelsea’s lap and Sunny loves car rides and her morning romp in the yard.

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