Eddie’s Haven…Peace of Mind

Eddie’s Haven…Peace of Mind


In mid-March ICHBA received a call from the Greenbrier/Springfield Animal Hospital asking if we could help a pet owner find a home for Eddie, a 4 year old Shih Tzu.  The owner, Louise, is undergoing treatment for her second battle with cancer and is sick for so many days that she is unable to give Eddie the care he needs.  While there is hope, the prognosis is not good and she wants the peace of mind that knowing Eddie is in a loving home will give her.




I called Louise and, with both of us crying, assured her we would help.  After talking to Terry, an ICHBA  foster,  who did not hesitate to commit his family to  fostering Eddie until we found a home for him, I remembered an acquaintance telling me how much she wished she could have had the comfort of a pet while she was battling cancer.  The only difference is that she had family at home to help with the care of a pet when she had her bad days; Louise doesn’t have that kind of support. Still I couldn’t imagine not having our Miss Kitty and Tess around, especially at difficult times.

I love how God works because the next morning I knew just what to do.  I called Louise and told her we would foster Eddie during her bad periods and then bring him back when she was feeling well enough for a visit, whether it be for 15 minutes or for a week?  There are no words to describe Louise’s reaction to this plan…I can only tell you that her reaction filled my heart and made me giggle.

We went over Eddie’s vetting history with GSAH and one week later we picked up Eddie, his bed, food, a t-shirt with Louise’s scent on it, and notes telling us all about Eddie.  He is the most well-adjusted dog I Could Have Been Adopted has ever had in our foster program, fitting in immediately with his fostering family and their wide variety of critters…from gerbils to exotic birds and everything in between!


Eddie and Winfield coming home from the vets

Since we began fostering him Eddie has had a seizure resulting in a  visit to the emergency clinic and we have given him a round of vaccines and worming to bring him up to date with his vetting.  Louise was informed and consulted at each step of the way and says she is so glad Eddie was with us when he had his seizure.  Louise is free to call and ask about Eddie at any time and is regularly receiving pictures and phone calls from the fostering family.

Every time I think of Eddie or Louise I send out a  prayerful thought asking that one day Eddie may return to live out his life with Louise but if that does not happen, he will find a loving home…that is what we do.

This could be a new direction for ICHBA…providing a hopefully temporary haven for Robertson County pets while giving peace of mind to the persons who love them.

I have to really think about it though…animal rescue is already an emotional roller coaster…can those of us “hands on” with ICHBA  handle a bigger ride?


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