A Reprieve….Sophie

A Reprieve….Sophie
I Could Have Been Adopted got a call from Mary Anne at a local veterinary office on Friday Jan 15th telling me that a lady called saying her family could not keep their dog and wanted to know how much it cost to euthanize . When ICHBA learned that the dog was diagnosed with heart worms in November we hoped that offering to pay for the monthly medicine which would slowly remedy that situation would insure that the family would keep her. That offer was turned down.IMG_1379
Sophie, 3 years old, had been in the family since she was a pup, never been inside,and her four legged best friend was given away 2 months ago, When the family would not accept the financial help, we were at a loss…how could ICHBA help since we have no space available and adoptions are slow in the winter?
I could not get Sophie off of my mind. We did get the family to hold off for a few days while Mary Anne and I searched for help. It was a desperate situation since some of the coldest weather was due to arrive and, though she would be alive, Sophie, we were told, would not be allowed inside. 
If I have not been convinced of divine intervention before, I certainly believe in it now because later in the day while making a phone call to a person who is listed in the “W” contacts, “wants dog…Betty” was the first listing I saw. 
Betty did not keep Sophie but she contacted her son and his family.  When we took Sophie to meet Fletcher on a cold, cold Sunday, she was very shy but Fletcher kept his hands constantly moving over her while he talked to us. The family could not take Sophie until the following weekend but he gave me the shirt off of his back!  Winfield and I brought Sophie home with us to keep her out of  the freezing weather, put Fletcher’s shirt in her crate so she would become familiar with his scent, and thoroughly enjoyed loving and exercising her.  Sophie_new_family  
Sophie got to go to her new family on Thursday which, when everybody is under the same roof includes 6 children….Bless you Fletcher, Rachel, and kids!  And to God the glory.  IMG_1415
                                                      From Fletcher, “Her first snowman!!  She loves the                                                                          snow she also likes the older boys”
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