Happy Tails….Not All The Time

Happy Tails….Not All The Time

I Could Have Been Adopted doesn’t hesitate to say no if we don’t think an adoption will work, vets the potential adopter who gets an application, gives them a “grace – $50.00 back -period” of at least two weeks after ICHBA takes the animal to the family, and has them sign a contract stating that we will be called if they ever decide they can’t or don’t want to keep one of our animals. It is our practice during the grace period to stay in close contact with the family in order to discover and hopefully overcome any issues involving the animal.

Even with all this care, sometimes the home we find for our rescued animals does not work out. Cocoa_feature_Happy In three years, ICHBA has had this happen five times and while it was often heartbreaking for the family ICHBA_Rosie_Snowand always heartbreaking for me and the foster families, we are grateful that ICHBA was called and happy that we have always been able to find another family to give that animal a trixie for judyhome.lucy-look-from melissa

MellieRosie was enjoyed as a puppy but was no longer wanted after she became an adult. You don’t want to know my inner dialog when that happened!

Melfie barked at the school bus,strange people, and other dogs.  We found out everyone was too busy to socialize and take her for walks regularly. Similarly, Lucy was promised a fenced in yard, trips to work with her master, and plenty of exercise….that never happened and she overcame her boredom by over eating and shredding paper all over the house.

A lady returned Trixie because she was not really over the trauma of being bit when she was younger and every time some one rang the doorbell she began to worry that the dog might be aggressive and bite them.  Of course Trixie was sensing her fear and not realizing where it was coming from, would often growl at the person at the door to protect her family.

Finally, Cocoa was returned because she chewed up some jeans. We learned that most of the destruction occurred because they refused to crate her at night, insisting that she sleep in the bed.  Because Cocoa “didn’t get to exercise enough”, she was not tired, woke up in the middle of the night, and “played” with the jeans.

The moral of the story:  Don’t adopt a puppy because it is cute…think about the future. Don’t ever forget that an animal senses what you are feeling and will mimic that emotion.  Don’t assume your animal is going to love lying around doing nothing all day…a tired dog is a good dog.  Don’t expect your dog to automatically accept situations he is not used to…if he never gets out in the world, he will not be social.

Finally, Do not send your new family member to the dog trainer and expect it to be “fixed”. Have the dog trainer come into your environment and train the dog and you!

Donna Wilkins, Founder ICHBA


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