A Happy Tail…..Cocoa

A Happy Tail…..Cocoa

After two baths

Cocoa was found undernourished and filthy in a parking lot in Nashville by a co-worker of one of our fosters, Larry. The man who found her wanted to take her home with him but his housing situation prevented it.

Even though Cocoa was one of the sweetest most grateful dogs we have taken into our rescue, we thought finding her a home would be a little more difficult because she’s a Pit Bull mix and that breed’s unfounded reputation would be a strike against her. But to our delight only 12 days after having Cocoa spayed and completely vetted, we took her to her new home in Murfreesboro where she shares the love of a family which includes 3 cats and another dog. Cocoa_family Her special buddy is Jordan who built and had waiting a bed in his room just the right size for Cocoa. Truck rides. Trips to the dog park and lake. Belly rubs…what more could a dog want?

Red and Rover, below, from November 23, 2015 by Brian Bassett reminded ICHBA of Cocoa and Jordan


Cocoa ….home at last



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