Colt….A Happy Tail

Colt….A Happy Tail

Colt at TSC

When we took Colt to Tractor Supply Company for a day of promoting low cost neutering for cats and dogs, he was so shy that to get him out of the crate you had to climb in with him!

Colt had two men interested in him at the same time so we arranged to meet them both along with Jazz, Colt’s sister, at our favorite dog park in Antioch one recent Sunday afternoon.  Keller, the young man second on the list had agreed to meet Jazz since we told him the first family seemed to be a wonderful home for Colt.

Everyone has heard that a dog will pick the person instead of the person picking the dog and we saw it in action that day when Colt went straight to Keller !


 Colt & Keller

Eventually Colt showed interest in the other man and his dog but he kept going back to Keller. Being a dog lover who wanted what was best for Colt, the man said that Colt had picked Keller and that was all there was to it…how gracious was that ?

A college student, who wants to be a pilot, Keller is very mature for 19 and we are so excited about the life he is going to give Colt.  He is being exercised regularly, sitting up in the passenger seat like he has been doing it forever when they go on outings and making his first trip to the Atlanta area to visit Keller’s family.

Bet he is going back for turkey day……….

Happy Thanksgiving Colt and Keller !


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