JACK…..A Tale of Two Happy Tails

JACK…..A Tale of Two Happy Tails

Over the 5 months Jack has been in our program, we have received many calls wanting to know all about him.  After hearing about him, some didn’t think he was the dog for their family and some, because it is our policy to vet potential adopters as closely as we vet ICHBA’s animals, we did not think were the family for Jack.



Then along came Anna and her dog Queenie who were grieving from the recent loss of loved ones..both two legged and four legged.  We met  them in a park in Antioch, TN so they could meet Jack and his mom, Pinky, and we knew after meeting Anna that she would provide a wonderful home for any dog .  It took several days for Anna to decide that she would like to adopt Jack because she knew that giving an animal a home should not be taken lightly but thoughtfully. Jack’s foster mom, Christine, and I took Jack to Anna’s home for the final step to our re homing process…what a wonderful home with a big fenced in back yard, another dog to play with, and a dog lover for a master!  Anna, Christine, and I were sure it would work.


Jack, Anna, and Queenie

Anna was so impressed with how loving Jack was with her and how quickly he learned but Queenie and Jack were just too far apart in age to be good companions….Jack was not even a year old and Queenie is 10.  Jack had too much puppy left in him.  After 4 days at Anna’s Jack was coming back to ICHBA.  All of us were sad but none more so than Anna.




Three days later I get a call from Lisa who adopted Diablo from us almost a year ago. One of the boarders from the house she lives in moved out, left his dog (Kain),and the landlord was keeping Kain chained outside. Could ICHBA help? Sadly we are committed to animals in our county and Lisa was some 65 miles south of us.  I told Lisa that all I could do was reach out to other groups.

Kain 2

Kain chained outside

Then I remembered driving to Anna’s house with Jack and going right by the Dollar Store on the corner of the very street where we turned to take Diablo to Lisa’s many months before. Lisa and Anna lived no more than 2 miles from each other, Lisa was trying to find a home for the abandoned Kain and Anna was looking for an older dog !

I texted Anna. Anna called Lisa. Anna picked up Kain the next morning and he has been with her and Queenie for almost a month now!  What does this have to do with Jack?  If Anna had not tried to give Jack a home, we would never have met her and ICHBA would not have been able to help Lisa rescue Kain. Anna loved Jack so much she has renamed Kain….Jack Kain !

And Jack now…well he is the new buddy of a wonderful man who a year ago lost his 4 legged buddy of 16 years. Jack is becoming a Jack of all trades as he helps Jerry in his shop.  When I last saw him he was lapping up water from a beautiful koi pond


Jerry and Jack


God works if we will just let him !!

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