A Happy Tail…..Jack

A Happy Tail…..Jack

Olivia found Jack wandering in a local park.  She thought surely this handsome little fellow had a family who was looking for him because other than being muddy he looked quite healthy and he was definitely friendly.


After putting him on face book and getting no hits, she called ICHBA for help.  When Jack was scanned there was no microchip and after keeping him for a week with no calls about his being lost, we started looking for a home for him.  We received at least 10 inquiries about Jack, but knew we had the right family when Kaley, Jake, and Paisley came to meet him at his foster home.

Paisley and Jack were good with each other from the beginning….doing their own version of a meet and greet by going around in circles smelling the other’s butt.  Five days later Judy, Jack’s foster mom and I took him for a meet and greet at what we hoped would be his forever home in Gallatin. Jack face

Paisley was super excited to have a new playmate and began running circles around Jack, but Jack latched on to Paisley’s rawhide bone and was content to lay back, observe, and chew.  Paisley being a congenial host accepted this behavior graciously.

Jake showed us a brand new harness in camo with an electric green tie for strolling the neighborhood in style.   We learned Jack’s new name will be Gunner…you NASHVILLE fans will appreciate that Kaley and Jake are hooked on it also

It’s not easy to leave an animal we have rescued even when we know they are going to a loving family but we have had several dogs lately who have easily adapted to new experiences and that makes it a little easier…Jack (Gunner) is one of those.   He did follow us to the door to say goodbye….still carrying that bone !

Gunner, have a good life !  Bless you Kaley, Jake, and Paisley

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