Socialization and exposure to new experiences are important parts of getting a rescued animal ready for a new home; but it is especially important to establish a socializing routine for a pup as young as Shady.

When Melissa and Mason, Shady’s foster family, went out of town for a much deserved vacation, they asked that I make sure that Shady continued her socialization training so that she would not regress while they were gone.


Chris, Shady, and Max

I decided to take Shady with us when Max and Judy, his foster mom, had a meet and greet scheduled with whom we all hoped would be Max’s new family.  Shady and Max were meeting for the first time and she would also meet a couple of two legged strangers in a different environment. Shady ignored the Guitars, drum sets, and twinkling lights and concentrated on vying for the attention of Max’s new toy and new master.  Shady passed with flying colors!


Shady and Judy

On the way back from finding a home for Max, Judy decided to get a little lap loving with Shady. Judy was plumb pitiful when she turned to me and asked, “When am I going to get a puppy to foster?”  After that, I was not a bit surprised when Judy decided to keep Shady until Melissa and Mason got home.  Another chance for Shady to  experience new dogs, horses, houses, and people. And a puppy for Judy and Larry for a few days…perfect!

Later in the week, Judy dropped Shady off at my home so Heather and I could take her to the library for another outing.  Shady fetched her ball and ran in between and around 3 to 5 year old story time participants without one bark or nip…but lots of “eewww” wet kisses!

ICHBA _Shea _library

Shady at story time

I noticed on our walk home that cars were no problem; however, encountering another dog would bring on a bout of barking from which I could not redirect Shady’s attention.  A few more weeks of loving training at the Farnival will take care of that.

All in all a win/win situation: We learned a great deal more about our Shady and she learned a great deal more about the world.



Featured image by The Farnival

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