A Happy Tail…..Lucy

A Happy Tail…..Lucy

Ninety five percent of the time Lucy was a chill dog, so laid back that one potential adopter decided she wasn’t a good fit because she was too aloof. In fact the only time I saw Lucy get excited was when she saw her foster Dad.  The moment that dog saw Geoff she would go
ICHBA Lucy sadnuts and act like a misbehaving puppy, jumping, leaping, kissing. I guess she knew before the rest of us that she belonged with him.  Lucy and Geoff rehomed 19

If you haven’t already guessed, Lucy’s foster dad Geoff adopted her. I have to give him props because he held out longer than most. Lucy was adopted out in January, returned after several months and then multiple potential adoptions fell through for one reason or another. It finally got to the point where Geoff couldn’t even interview interested candidates anymore. He was tired of resisting and finally conceded Lucy belonged right by his side.

A lot of the time, I get angry when people return dogs, but the longer I foster animals the wiser I become. Now, after seeing where Meadow, Rosie, and Lucy (all returned dogs) ended up, I’m changing my self-righteous tune. I’m beginning to accept that everything happens for a reason.

Congratulations, Lucy and Geoff.


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