EVENT: Dog Day Afternoon…..July 18, 2015

EVENT:  Dog Day Afternoon…..July 18, 2015

Camp TAG is a specifically-designed 4-day, 3-night grief camp that gives children ages 7-16 a chance to meet other young people who, like themselves, have lost a loved one. During their time at camp, professionally-trained grief counselors teach campers, in age-appropriate classes, how to deal with their feelings during the grieving process.

     What a special afternoon it  was in 2014….a blessing for campers and dog


      ICHBA camp tag boy and pup

Camp Tag/2014

We are looking forward to Saturday July 18 when I Could Have Been Adotped gets to have our second Dog Day Afternoon in partnership with the Hospice Program from Northcrest Hospital in Springfield, TN.

Recently adopted lovely Lucy will be going along with wild and crazy B. Lou Lou, lap-loving Sonny, Shae Daisy, Miss Meadow, and an arm load of puppies from our puppy lady, Danita

Thanks to Northcrest Hospice and Judy Suter for letting I Could Have Been Adopted be part of this wonderful program.


Images from The Farnival


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