A Letter From Home….Retta

A Letter From Home….Retta

Donna and Danita (B’s foster),

How could I possibly thank you both.  Retta is everything I wanted and more!!  I should probably change her name to Shadow, because she is indeed my shadow, I can’t move without her.  She seems to have settled in nicely, marked her territory soon after we got home and has been house trained since then.  even as I type she is right here at my feet.

ICHBA Baretta SponsoredI can’t thank both of you enough for making this wonderful wonderful dog available to me.  I will put up pictures later this week.  again, I can’t thank you enough.  God Bless you both.



From ICHBA:  Baretta is one of our sponsored animals whose vetting ICHBA paid for to get her ready for adoption.  She was rescued by Danita and taken into her home while waiting for Jackie to come along.

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