A Happy Tail….Percy…At Home in the Bluegrass State !

A Happy Tail….Percy…At Home in the Bluegrass State !

Winfield and I picked Percy up from his foster home with Judy and Larry Friday to begin his journey to his forever home.  According to Larry, Percy is one of the two best dogs he and Judy have fostered.  FYI – 37 in less than 3 years !

Judy brought Percy out to the van with a bag of food in one hand, a camera in the other, and tears rolling down her cheeks.  “I have lost two in one week,” she lamented.  I reminded her that Duke was being boarded at the vet clinic until Monday but she was welcomed to pick him up Saturday. I noticed a little twinkle in her eye when she informed me she might just do that.

Percy traveled well and we only stopped once for him to water the trees at a KY rest stop.  He is so funny….even if he has finished his business at one tree he will go to another and raise his leg just for the heck of it,   He followed this up with a four legged shuffle trying to cover it like a cat but only succeeding in digging up clumps of grass and dirt !

We were an hour earlier than scheduled when we arrived at  Percy’s new home in the middle of downtown Louisville so we  were able to observe from the front porch the life going on around this neat  house close to the university.  We met one lady from next door as she came up on the porch to pet Percy, spoke to her husband and his friend as they stuck their heads out their front door no more than 30 feet away, and waved to the two ladies who live next door on the other side.  We watched as the little pub across the street opened its doors and its patrons began to drift in.  We learned later that this establishment is one of the most popular in Louisville..truffle fries and elk burger were mentioned!

ICHBA Percy and Shane

Shane arrived exactly on time and I was convinced we found the right home when his eyes lit up when he saw Percy .  If you will remember Shane drove down a week earlier from L’ville to meet Percy at Springfield’s annual Taste of Country.  A devoted pet owner who  lost his shepherd after 13 years, Shane was ready to have that kind of love in his life once again.

Percy has a nice fenced in back yard and Shane promised he would give him plenty of exercise (notice the bike) and socialization.  There is no doubt that he will be loved.

After I gave  Percy a kiss and a hug and while I was hugging Shane I asked him to please take Percy out back while we went out the front….it’s too darn hard to close the door with one of our animals forever on the other side no matter how perfect the new home.

Percy will be in our hearts and minds forever and thank you Shane for giving him a home…you were worth the wait !



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