Taste of Country…..Rainy, Hot, and Happy

Taste of Country…..Rainy, Hot, and Happy

Sweltering in the heat and drenched but happy is how I Could Have Been Adopted (volunteers and dogs) felt after spending Saturday at the Taste of Country event in downtown Springfield, TN.

I may be prejudice, but our PET STOP was one of the most popular booths. From the beginning there was a constant stream of festival goers stopping to admire and meet our available dogs…Percy, Dawn, Brendy , Lucy, Beretta and, of course, Meadow, our pinup mutt who is the 4 legged trainer at The Farnival.

Our dogs were stolling the event with several youngsters who repeatedly stopped  by to ask if they could take a dog for a walk.  Two event photographers snapped pictures of Percy, Lucy, and Dawn. We made sure he jotted down the name of each dog and ICHBA; lets hope the pictures are published…rescues need that kind of exposure!!

In the middle of a downpour, a man who had seen our adoptable animals on Petfinder arrived at our booth .   Shane had driven from Louisville, KY to meet Percy…seriously!   It was evident that he had found the dog he wanted after he broke into a laugh when Percy, who was soaked, decided to shake it all off..everywhere!




On June 19th we will have a meet and greet at Shane’s home in Louisville. If its not right,Percy will come back to his foster home with Judy and Larry but, after meeting Shane, we feel positive that this adoption will be a successful one.





Meet Lucy


About two hours into the event, a call came in from a family interested in adopting Lucy. They didn’t even know about Taste of Country but were told  that Lucy would be there until 2 pm. Later in the day a dad and a stay at home mom with 2 young girls who live on a farm with a big fenced in yard and no other dogs stopped at the booth, said they had called earlier, and wanted to meet Lucy.  After talking with them and watching how Lucy responded when the girls took turns walking her, we are scheduling a meet and greet sometime this week. This sounds like the perfect match for both our lovely Lucy and the family.

Can it get much better?  Yep…while all this petting was going on, ICHBA, made appointments for six animals belonging to responsible pet owners to be spayed or neutered at Sumner Spay and Neuter Alliance   !


 Featured image by The Farnival



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