A Happy Tail….Rosie has a Home!!!

A Happy Tail….Rosie has a Home!!!

Chris, Rosie, Brandy, Katie, Robin, and Angus

Thank you Chris, Robin, and Katie for welcoming one more into your pack with Brandy and Angus…not to mention the birds, cats, and horses!!! We are thrilled about Rosie’s new home. Chris promises to stay in contact a lot over the next couple months. He has big plans for our Rosie. Chris suffers from military related PTSD. He wants to have Rosie trained as a companion dog, meaning she won’t ever have to leave his side. I can’t think of a better role for our loyal galoot. Knowing she’s going to a good home makes saying goodbye a lot easier.

ICHBA Snowy Rosie

Rosie’s foster, Mel, has been getting multiple updates per day from Chris and you’ll be happy to know she’s still snoring (and farting) like a horse. She’s also as loyal as ever. This is the latest text from Chris: “She is definitely attached to me. She has to be near me and I don’t dare leave the room without her. She is PERFECT. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”


Check out Mel’s blog The Farnival.com .  Lots of blogs about the Farnival pack and the dogs she and Mace foster

 Featured image and "in the snow" by The Farnival



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Article source: http://thefarnival.com/good-luck-rosie/

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