A Long Day at Tractor Supply Company

A Long Day at Tractor Supply Company


I Could Have Been Adopted has been to TSC with our dogs and cats many times since 2012 hoping to find them homes.  But if you think about it most of the customers at TSC already have 4 legged family members and, although our animals get plenty of oohs, ahhs, pats, and kisses, it is seldom we are asked for an adoption application.

Today we did something different by taking only one dog, Rosie, as a representative of our rescue and concentrated  on implementing the spay/neuter goals ICHBA has as a priority by promoting a deal  for the month of June from Sumner Spay and Neuter Alliance in Gallatin :  All puppies and kittens between 8 weeks and 6 months old can be “fixed” for 20.00 and that includes a rabies vaccine.  While their prices are always beyond reasonable,  this is one heck of a deal!!!!  

The 3 hours with Rosie at TSC were GREAAAT! .  ICHBA has a cat or a dog from 8 families to schedule appointments for and transport to Sumner during June and I can’t wait to tell Sara and her team  when I make the trip to Gallatin Wednesday.

What pleases me so much is that now I Could Have Been Adopted knows how to best use the generosity offered to us by TSC….we will use our stops there as an opportunity to educate the public about low cost spay and neuter clinics in our area, make appointments for and offer transport for their animals to those clinics …..helping to keep their pets “precious but not pregnant”

If you are interested in the deal for June at Sumner, call me at 615 390 9622 – Donna Wilkins


 Features image by The Farnival


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